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New Zealand is a country in the southwestern pacific ocean. Geographically comprises of two main landmasses- the North and South Island.

Permanent Resident Visa:

  • If you are a resident visa holder for two years or more, and can show a commitment to live
  • in New Zealand, you can apply for permanent resident visa

Benefits of permanent resident visa :

  • 1. Live, work, study in New Zealand.
  • 2. Travel to and from New Zealand.
  • 3. Include your partner, dependent children.


  • If one want to travel, his/her permanent resident visa need to be in a valid passport.
  • He/she need to apply to transfer your permanent resident visa to a new passport.
  • Non-principal applicants can't apply for permanent residence before the principal applicant, unless a non-principal applicant exception applies.
  • Even if one gets rejected for a permanent residence, he/she may get another resident visa or variation of resident.
  • visa travel conditions. This would give more time to travel to and from New Zealand as a resident.


  • 1. Permanent resident visa.
  • 2. Skilled migrant category resident visa.
  • 3. Long term skill shortage list work visa.
  • 4. Parent retirement resident visa.
  • 5. Talent (accredited employer) work visa.
  • 6. Dependent children resident visa.
  • 7. Investor 1 resident visa.
  • 8. Investor 2 resident visa.
  • 9. Entrepreneur resident visa.
  • 10.Samoan quota resident visa.
  • 11.Religious worker resident visa.
  • 12.Parent resident visa.
  • 13.Talent (Arts,culture,sports) resident visa.
  • 14.Refugee family support.
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