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Germany is a beautiful country to live in and get settled. Being in Europe, it is one of the attractive destination for people throughout the world.

Germany job Seeker visa allows the applicant to stay in the country and search for job there. Germany being a developed country develops enormous opportunities in various sectors such as-Automobiles having skills of German Language enhance the chances to get better opportunities.

Before planning to move Germany:

  • 1. The applicant should be able to speak German because English speaking jobs are very few.
  • 2. Should have minimum five years of experience in the relative field.
  • 3. Financial condition should be sound enough to show sufficient funds.
  • 4. Should have travel insurance till the applicant is in the country.

Documentation Required:-

  • 1. A valid passport.
  • 2. Photographs.
  • 3. Copy of your passport data page.
  • 4. Cover letter.
  • 5. Educational Certificates.
  • 6 .Detailed CV.
  • 7. Proof of accommodation in Germany.
  • 8. Proof of health insurance.
  • 9. Proof of Personal status in your country.
  • Birth certificates.
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